17 March 2010


I have been listening to Chopin a lot lately. It is so amazing how much music has changed over the centuries and yet we are still able to appreciate Frederic Chopin. I thought a small history listen might be fun. He was born 1 March 1810 in Poland. He became a published musician at the age of six and began studying composition at twelve. He lived most of his adult life in Paris and was a contemporary of Liszt. Chopin had a love affair with the novelist George Sand for approximately a decade and still adored her even when they parted ways a year before his death. He died at the young age of 39 from complications relating to his TB but not without leaving us some of the most beautifully composed piano music of all time.
That concludes my short lesson on Chopin. Now go, listen and enjoy his music for yourself!

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  1. History "listen" was a bit of a Freudian slip, I think. ;)