21 September 2011

Thankful for Mount Washmore

I often wonder how you know how much clothing is too much for a family of three. Recently I think I discovered the answer. If one does laundry all day long and can separate loads by COLOR I think that means we have too much. Please understand me when I say color, NOT COLORS, COLOR. Not only can I separate by color, in a few instances it includes hues. I have entire loads of laundry in light blues, medium blues and dark blues. Black is popular as I can actually do two loads and light grey is a separate color with it's very own load from dark grey. I think we have a problem.
I have friends who have four, six and seven children who may not have the amount of clothing we have. On the one hand, I do come by it honestly but on the other it is a bit shameful. Not having a working washer and dryer at the moment is making me thankful for the piles of clothing we have. It has also shown me it is time to cut down a bit once the washer and dryer are fixed. Salvation Army, here we come!
I have discovered as long as we have enough underwear we will be just fine!