09 January 2014

2014, finally a new post and it is all about. . .

homemade baby wipes?!
Yes, I am posting my own "recipe" for homemade baby wipes after trying and tweaking several online.

First, I don't do the cutting the paper towel roll in half nonsense, it's linty and annoying. Instead, I buy the high quality select a size and tear them off. It may take a tiny bit more time but I think it's worth it and it's a perfect size wipe. I only need one for most diaper changes and two for the bad ones.

Ingredient list includes: Dr. Bronner's Tea Tree soap (I tried lavender and it irritated my little guy), witch hazel, vitamin E oil, aloe vera gel, coconut oil, raw shea butter and purified or distilled water. All of my ingredients are organic and cheap, I get most of them at Trader Joes. (I get no money from Trader Joes, I just love the products!) It seems like more ingredients than some but it does dual duty as a sore bum protector.

I start by heating a pot of water to boiling on the stove. After turning the heat down to a simmer I add a quarter cup of the raw shea butter to a clean glass jar and put it in the pot on top of a dishtowel (I do the dishtowel because I think I am supposed to, not because of any accident I have had). I add an eighth of a cup of the aloe (the measurements are not exact, I just eye a half of my quarter cup scoop). After the aloe and shea butter seem good and melty I add a half cup of the coconut oil (the shea butter and aloe take longer to melt).

I also add a tablespoon of vitamin E oil, the Tea Tree soap and a half Tbsp of witch hazel at this point. After stirring it all up and making sure it is all blended and liquified I add 4 cups of the water (or however much mostly fills the jar if it is too much, water can always be added later).

I use the seven cup rubbermaid container. I turn it on it's side and fill it with the torn off wipes, folded in half. This is how it is possible to get the liquid on all the wipes without keeping them in the roll. It works great and little to NO PAPER LINT. Soak them all and if needed add the rest of the water.

These may not be for everyone, they are thick and leave a barrier on babies bottom and I personally LOVE them. Obviously.

And this cute, little guy is one happy camper!

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