07 September 2012

So, have I been sewing?

I am sure that is the question that has been plaguing everyone's mind. Right?
Well, I have been sewing for those of you who were wondering. I thought it was about time to provide some proof so here are some of the projects I have done.

This is one of the quilts I made for new baby James. Yes, just one of. . .

This is one my sister commissioned for a friends first baby.
This is a summer car seat cover I made after Kyle convinced me that if baby James was going to have a cover in summer it should be cooler.

                     How sweet is this little face?!

I have done a few other things that I do not have any pictures of yet but hope to get posted up soon. Haha, by soon do I mean a few months from now? Maybe.

Are any of these things from the list of things I was going to finish? Well, I really should answer that honestly. I am pretty sure the answer is no but I am sewing so I think that's progress.

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