11 January 2012

Declaration, Dedication, Intent, Moxie, Perseverence, Purpose, Tenacity

Not being one for New Years resolutions I decided to make some commitments this year (read New Years resolutions). I looked up the word resolution on Thesaurus.com and found many interesting synonyms.
Here is the entry:
Part of Speech: noun
Definition: determination, strong will
Synonyms: aim, boldness, constancy, courage, dauntlessness, decidedness, decision, declaration, dedication, doggedness, earnestness, energy, firmness, fixed purpose, fortitude, guts*, heart*, immovability, intent, intention, judgment, mettle, moxie*, obstinacy, perseverance, pluck, purpose, purposefulness, purposiveness, relentlessness, resoluteness, resolve, settlement, sincerity, spirit, spunk, staunchness, staying power, steadfastness, stubbornness, tenacity, verdict, willpower

Just read some of those words and roll them around in your head for a bit. I used my very favorites for the name of this post.

Part of the reason I wanted to blog about this is I would like to be kept accountable for my declaration. I know that bringing a new baby into the house could be used as a fairly legitimate excuse for not sticking with my commitments but I am going to persevere!
My intent this year is to finish all of the craft projects I have ever started and never finished. That includes my youngest sister's high school graduation quilt that she has been waiting for an embarrassingly long time to receive. A quilt I started for myself and (future) husband an even longer time ago (considering I have been married a decade this year and had not even met him when I started it well, that is just sad!) I also have the quilt I started for my first son last year. I have a project of a comforter that has not been started but has been promised to my other sister which I will also add to the list. I am sure there are more things I have laying around to be finished and I am determined to finish them! I plan to use all of the crafting moxie I have to stay dedicated to this commitment. So, dear readers (if you really are out there) please keep me accountable. I will post photo proof to the blog as each project gets finished.
Did any of you make any new declarations this year?


  1. did you finish that quilt in the pictures? it's beautiful!
    also, i like that quote at the top of the page. sounds like me.

    1. The quotes change so I am not sure which one it would have been but I am glad you enjoyed it. I did NOT make the quilt pictured, it is one from a quilt blog I would like to make in future. We'll see how the commitment goes this year. . .
      BTW, how is yours coming along?

  2. I met a guy at Trader Joe's recently (Dec 2011) who said he had made a resolution to eat bacon every day for a year, and had kept the resolution. ...ick. Yes I will keep you lovingly reminded about your 'non-resolution' resolution.
    I don't have any resolutions, but I started writing a book New Years Eve and plan to finish it soon. :)

  3. the quote is "Sometimes I feel like the most liberal person among conservatives, and sometimes like the most conservative among liberals.”
    mine is finished and given as a christmas gift. since i had to do it all by hand, i was reasonable and didn't make a full size bed quilt, only an american girl doll size one. i think i'd be bored of it before i finished if i had to make one big enough for a human bed.
    kudos to you!