07 October 2011

Sweet big brother

You have to love a boy who always wants to smell the flowers. . .

Since telling our little man he is getting a brother he has, of course, had many questions and comments that only a kid his age could come up with. And some that have been a bit shocking for his age. I am sharing them as much for myself and his history as with you.

:Mom, when you have heartburn does baby [brother] have it too?

:Mom, did I have that thing on my wrist already when I came out? You know the thing that didn't get me mixed up with the other babies?

:Mom, can I hold baby [brother] into church every Sunday?
What do you mean, bud?
:I can hold him into church and then give him to you when I need to go in my class.
{mama's heart melts}

{He always, very quietly, comes in my room in the morning to wake me up. We are so fortunate, I know. On this particular morning. . .}
:{whispering} Mom, can I see if your belly is bigger than yesterday?

:Mom, I'm not scared anymore.
Not scared of what, bud?
:Scared of talking to [baby] in your tummy.

:Mom, I am just sooo acited for baby [brother] to get here!

:Mom, can I go in when they are gonna take baby [brother] out of you?
{yikes and not sure how to answer pause}
:Acause I wanna see the special knife they use to cut him out.
{I know it sounds gross but he is fascinated with the whole process and I think that is super cool}

{The day we told him he kept getting the giggles. It was so great! Then this. . .}
:Mom, I really wanted a baby sister.
Really, why?
:I just don't want you to be mad all the time that you live with only boys!

I am sure there have been more I (sadly) can not remember but I also know there will be more to come. Maybe I will have a part deux to this post.

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