26 April 2010

Things I Like (Chiefly because I wish I could write as well as my sister so now I am just going to copy her)

I like arguing, almost as much as Heather does. I will not expound because she already has.

I like books. I like the feel of a nice linen covered hardbound. I like the smell of a great old book when it is not musty but just old. I like the look of pages when they are yellowed with age. I like when a book has interesting or beautiful cover art even if it is not hardbound. There is something so distinctly different about books published over thirty years ago.

I like Audrey Hepburn. Sabrina with Will Holden and Humphrey Bogart, Charade with Cary Grant, Love in the Afternoon with Gary Cooper, Roman Holiday with Gregory Peck and Breakfast at Tiffany's with George Peppard and Mickey Rooney. She made so many great movies but these are my favorites. She also had a life that meant something beyond Hollywood. She did her best to live for her family and serve others less fortunate. She was still an actress with the usual problems but I think she tried to live a beautiful life to the best of her knowledge.

I like chocolate. Really, A LOT, it's a PROBLEM. I prefer dark chocolate but will eat semi-sweet. I have lost my taste for milk chocolate since my affair with dark chocolate began but I still enjoy a Heath bar, Reeses PB in both forms and Twix. I am not a fan of white chocolate but in certain situations it works and I will eat it happily.

I like days off. I don't just mean days where I do not go to my outside of the house job. I mean days where I do not do anything that is the least bit enjoyable. Days where I play with my boy, hang out with my honey and/or my sisters and/or the 'rents, maybe enjoy some art or craft project. No dishes, no laundry, no cooking, no scrubbing of anything. And definitely no outside of the house working.

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