02 April 2010


So I was talking to my little one about the real meaning of this weekend. WOW! It was even more amazing than I thought it would ever be. He got upset about Jesus dying on the cross because we had not gotten to the Resurrection. He was sad that Jesus would not be able to play hide and seek with him anymore. He wanted to know why Jesus had nails in his hands. He asked why He was crying (the picture in his Bible showed sweat drops). He was a little less sad when he found out Jesus was alive again but he still did not really understand. Let's be honest, it is all a bit hard for an adult to accept or understand a lot of the time. He also said he didn't like that Jesus had to wear a dress. I guess superheroes just don't wear dresses! It was such an amazing experience sharing Jesus with my little one and I am so excited he wants to know more. He has now asked to read that part of his Bible every night for the past few since we first read it. Planting seeds to water and fertilize with God's Word and His constant help is the best part of being a mommy. Hope you all had a wonderful Resurrection Day!

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