17 August 2011

Mister Rogers

I read a wonderful book about 'Mister Rogers' which caused me to look back and reflect on his influence in my life.
I am working it out in my head and am not sure if he had as much influence when I was a child or if he actually has shaped my adult life more. Sadly, I did make fun of other kids at times which he would have been sad about. I was not always a good neighbor. I am not the best neighbor these days either, literally. I do not know even one of my neighbors. It is so sad and I hope to remedy it though I still have done nothing to remedy it so far.

Mister Rogers on prayer:

A young girl asked Mister Rogers about prayer and his answer was thus. . .
' . . .prayer is asking for something, and sometimes you get a yes answer. . . sometimes no. . .you might get angry when you get a no answer. But God respects your feelings. . .God can take your anger [and] your happiness. So whatever you have to offer God through prayer. . .is a great gift. Because the thing God wants most of all is a relationship with you. . .even as a child-especially as a child. Look how Jesus loved the children who came around Him.'

He prayed every morning at 5 am for his family and friends by name and he would begin his days singing 'Jubilate Deo'. Rejoice in the Lord, rejoice in the Lord, alleluia.

I will keep reflecting. Maybe he will influence me more in time. I miss the 'neighborhood'. God blessed the work you did, Mister Rogers. We will get 'there' one day.

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