01 April 2011

Deviating from the normal. . .

I woke up on the morning of 31 March to my child screaming. Truly, he was screaming. In the midst of the screaming were the words: Mommy, spider, biting me and help me, intermittently. Little man had woken up early and I had turned on a Thomas movie for him so I could continue to sleep off my cold a little longer. Although in a haze from cold medicine I jumped out of bed instantly and ran to survey the damage. He ran into my arms shaking and saying there were "lots and lots of spiders under [the couch]". The haze from the cold medicine, while not impairing me physically was definitely impairing my understanding of the situation. I asked him what he was talking about and assured him there could not be lots of spiders under the couch. He turned and pointed and I finally saw the cause of the morning's chaos. A medium sized North American cockroach was clinging in fear to the back of my couch. But only for a moment and then suddenly he was aware again and attempting to sneak away. Not wanting a cockroach loose in the house, at least one I was aware of I "took care of" the blasted thing that had disturbed my blessed sleep.
Needless to say we did an extra measure of vacuuming and there was a lot of discussion about bugs in general for the rest of the day. Somehow, my child has an irrational fear of them and I do not know it's origination. Granted, I have an irrational fear of slithery reptiles but I know where it comes from and well, they are very creepy. On the other hand, I find (most) bugs somewhat fascinating although I do not count the cockroach among those that fascinate me. They are disgusting looking creatures and, in his words, "mommy, I don't like them because they scurry and scurry all around".
Some of the bug discussion started around the dinner table and I had to explain that we do not discuss yucky things like that while we are eating but we could discuss it after dinner. My child is a bit obsessive (not sure where he gets that from) and so we did discuss it after. The big, million dollar question my child asked was this, "mommy, are they God's creatures, too?" followed by, "does God love all of His creations?" Seriously, the kid is 4. How do I answer this question? I attempted explanation and then I evaded. There was just too much to explain. So, I said that He made everything for a reason and left it at that.
He stalled at bedtime and asked me to pull all the covers off his bed and make sure there were no bugs in them; he asked me to check under his mattress, too.
During bedtime prayers the topic came up, yet again (it also came up at bath time and reading time). He prayed for God "to not let the bugs come in the house through the heaters and if they came in could He please kill them so they don't scurry on my bed".
I am praying for a good nights sleep and a peaceful awakening in the morning. Preferably, bug free.


  1. Uck....well, bugs can hide on us and hurt us, so scary is normal. How about a good book from the library about cockroaches and the job that they do? God designed everything with a purpose.
    Hug J for us!

  2. LOL :) Sorry it disturbed your sleep, though. :( My kids all have an irrational fear of spiders, but, then again, so do I! :) I know where they get it. :) How'd the little guy sleep? Personally, I think cockroaches are a result of the fall. They seem like a curse to me!!! :)

  3. I agree that they may be a result of the fall, or, our perceptions are a result of the fall, (for certain). Surely, we might have been friends before that first sin, BUT NOT ANYMORE!! Hmmm, the serpent was nobody's friend in the garden of Eden. Tell J that Pappa is praying for his safety from the scurriers.